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Current lab members

Katy Boswell
PhD student (jointly with Dan Bose's group, School of Biosciences)

Role of enhancers in

development and disease

Antigoni Gogolou


James Birch
PhD student (jointly with Ivana Barbaric group, School of Biosciences)

Cell competition and tumour initiation

Ingrid Maricel Saldana Guerrero

PDRA (jointly with Helen Bryant's group, Department of Oncology and Metabolism)

Fay Cooper

hPSC-based cell therapy/
neural crest-axial progenitor biology

Sude Uyulgan

PhD student ((jointly with Matt Towers' group, School of Biosciences))

Vagal neural crest/enteric

nervous system biology

In vitro modelling of neuroblastoma
DNA damage and oncogenesis

In vitro modelling of early human
limb development

Anestis Tsakiridis
Group Leader 


Tom Frith

Oliver Bower
Research Technician

Bethany James
Research Technician

Sophia Tarelli
Research technician (2019-2020)

Sir Henry Wellcome
Postdoctoral Fellow 
James Briscoe Lab
(The Francis Crick Institute, London) 

PhD student 
Kathy Niakan group
(The Francis Crick Institute, London) 

PhD student 
Ivana Barbaric group
(Centre for Stem Cell Biology,
University of Sheffield) 


Higher Medical

Laboratory Assistant (NHS)

Celine Souilhol
Research Assistant/Lab Manager


Larissa Butler
Research Assistant

Research scientist 
(Charles Rivers)

Senior technical specialist 
(Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University)

Matt Wind
PhD student (2017-2021)
PDRA (2020-2021)

Research Scientist

Brittany Ellis
Research Technician (2021-2022)

PhD student
Tatyana Shelkovnikova group
(Sheffield Institute for
Translational Neuroscience)

Rebecca Lea



PDRA, Ivana Barbaric group
(University of Sheffield)

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